The Dougal Family


In 1993 two kids (we were 19 and 21) fell in love and got married.  And so began the James Dougal family. Twenty-two years later, by the grace of God, the Dougal family is four: James, Sheila, Connor and Ryland.


Behind every bar of nourishing Goats Make Soap Co. soap is a family.  A family who cares about each other and others.  Not a perfect family by any means, but a family held together by grace and the love of God.  


As a family it is our mission to love each other well.  As a soapmaker it is my mission to honor the One who made us and blesses us daily with goats and milk and soap and baseball and swimming and laugther and challenges and victories and friendships and so much more.  


Behind Goats Make Soap Co. is a family who realizes how blessed we are to have each other.  We hope our love for each other will be a blessing to you through the high-quality, hand-crafted soap you purchase from us!



Goats Milk Soap Arizona

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