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*We only use vegetable oils in our soaps.*

    What's in our soaps?


  • Fresh Goat Milk-  It really is the goat milk that makes the soap.  It's why we decided to name our company the Goats Make Soap Co. The goat milk in our soaps comes from our Lil' Toad Ranch Nubian dairy goats.  Every morning Sheila milks Darla and Esmeralda and brings in a gallon of freshmmilk to use in every batch of soap she makes.  Goat milk is known for it's moisturizing and nourishing effects on the skin.  It's rich in vitamins and alpha hydroxyl acids that are known for thier anti-aging and skin-softening properties.   Goat milk is the foundation and "secret" of the soap we have come to love!

  • Pure Olive Oil-  All our soaps are made with 100% pure olive oil.  Our castille soaps are made using only 100% olive oil.  Olive oil is known for gently cleansing skin when used in soap.  Olive oil does not produce as thick of a lather or suds as other oils do in soap, but it creates a hard, gentle and skin conditioning bar that is long lasting.

  • Pure Coconut Oil-  Other than our castille soaps, all our soaps contain pure cocounut oil in addition to olive oil and castor oil. Coconut oil is pretty amazing stuff.  If you read up on coconut oil you'll find it has many health benefits both as a food and on the skin.  We chose to use coconut oil in our soap for many reasons including: great lather and cleansing power.  Coconut oil is known to contain fatty acids that are naturally anti-microbial.  

  • Pure Castor Oil-  As a labor and delivery nurse, when I thought of castor oil I thought of tired-of-being-pregnant women coming in in the middle of the night hoping that castor oil they drank would send them into labor.  But as a soap maker my thoughts of castor oil are altogether better and different.  Castor oil provides long lasting suds and is a natural emmolient.  It has long been used a skin healer and natural "lotion" all by itself.   We wanted a nice lather and the skin softening effects of castor oil in our soaps and so, it's in every bar, with the exception of our castille bars.

  • Sodium Hydroxide- O.K., so it's not natural, but, if you want soap, you've gotta have NaOH (sodium hydroxide). There's no such thing as soap without sodium hydroxide. But although we put sodium hydroxide in our goat milk and oils to make soap, our soaps don't acutally contain sodium hydroxide when they are finished being made.  A marriage happens when we make soap.  The NaOH falls for the fats in our olive, coconut and castor oils (and even the fats in our goat milk) and they marry each other and become an entirely new thing!  They are now no longer two, but one.  They are no long NaOH and olive oil or coconut oil, or castor oil, they are now Sodium Olivate, Sodium Cocoate and Sodium Castorate.  It's a beautiful thing!  

  • Sea Salt-  In most of our soaps we've added just a small amount of sea salt.  The salt helps our soaps harden nicely so they can be easily removed from their molds and hold their shape.  Salt is also a natural preservative helping to keep our soaps microbe free.

  • Pure Essential Oils-  We use only pure essential oils in our Essential Oil soaps.  We choose our essential oils for their theraputic aromas and natural skin-health benefits.  

  • Oatmeal-  Oatmeal is known for it's soothing effects on irritated skin.  Many of us have taken, or given a child, an oatmeal bath to soothe the itching from chicken pox or poison oak.  We wanted to add oatmeal to some of our soaps for the same purpose: to sooth irritated or sensative skin.  It's one of our favorite ingredients in our soaps!

  • Honey-  Honey is a natural anti-microbial substance.  It's known for it's many health benefits... even on the skin. Honey also creates a naturally sweet scent and rich lather in our soaps.  

  • Activated Charcoal-  We've added activated charcoal to our Rehab Your Face soap for it's natural detoxifying properties. Activated charcoal is known to help clarify and even the skin and cleanse pores which helps prevent acne. 

  • Fresh Ground Coffee Beans-  Turns out coffee is just a great way to wake up.  Coffee is a natural anti-oxidant and is known to clarify and even skin tone.  It's also reported to decrease redness in the skin.  We've added coffee to our chocolate facial bar.

  • Organic Seaweed-  Seaweed has many health benefits. We've added organic seaweed granules to some of our soaps for it's natural skin-healing properties and it's subtle seaside aroma. 

  • Dried flowers-  Some of our soaps have dried lavender, chamomile or other flowers on or in them.  They add beauty and a light, natural scent along with gentle exfoliating properties.

  • Spices-  Some of our soaps contain spices to add natural color or scent. 

  • WE NEVER USE- Sodium lactate, surfactants, parabens, phthalates or dyes.

Goats Milk Soap Arizona

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