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Sheila is the Lil' Toad of Lil' Toad Ranch.  Lil' Toad is the childhood nickname her mom still calls her to this day.  Although Sheila is nearly 6 feet tall, she'll always be her momma's Lil' Toad.  


Sheila is a Christ-clinging wife to a guitar-playing man, a mom to two polar-opposite boys, an Acute Rehab R.N., and most recently is dubbed a milk maid and soap-maker. She says she's a wanna be homesteader raising Nubian dairy goats in suburbia. She loves her family!  She fails daily at loving and nurturing and falls on blood-bought grace. She supports. She stands by. She feeds. She shows affection through cooking and baking. She feels at home with the smell of alfalfa.  She thinks better when she writes.


Sheila is the hands and the heart behind the soaps at Goats Make Soap Company.  She enjoys creating new soaps and sharing them with her friends and family. She see's reflections of God in everything and even as she makes the soap she thinks about this truth: There is a clean no soap can bring.


"Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin!... Create in me a clean heart oh God." -Psalm 51:2,10

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